Welcome to my home on the web!

Hey Y'all! I've shifted my site over to https://least-mouse.github.io

I shifted it into github pages so i can edit it from not inside the neocities editor (sorry neocities editor i still love you), it's still the same website but it's just over there now

hellooo this is my home(page).

you're standing in front of a small, garishly decorated house at the end of a dusty desert trail, striking mountains standing tall in the background. whether searching for me, or aimlessly wandering the passageways connecting our world, you've found me. i (a cuteish bookish girl in a comfy sweater with glasses) open the door and greet you with a smile and an embrace (if you're comfy with one). i let you inside, and you're hit by the sight of stars on the wallpaper inexplicably flickering. it's garish, but i like it. i offer you your favorite drink and invite you to stay a while. "live and drink, friend." :)

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